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Perils of excessive praise

One would find that in the present day in schools the children are oriented in a defined way of learning where the teacher imparted a systematized way of education through which students acquire some general and professional skills etc. But the home learning has tended to orient itself to goals which are of fundamental importance to a community where in social change the children marks the crux of its further development in their life. Normally our schools are closed for summer vacation when the children are not asked to take part in economic activities. It is necessary that the school timings have to be adjusted to the needs of the community, depending on the locality etc. It is also found that majority of parents particularly in the rural areas send their children to school till they are grown up and capable of taking up economically gainful activities and the percentage of dropouts is significantly much higher among girls than for the boys.

Today one would clearly find that the child is by no means a helpless victim of parents and teachers who are active agents of change in their lives. The conflict between the child and the adult is not confined to home. Today the child insists on doing something whose consequences the teacher or parents thinks will be unpleasant where the parents prevent their child to do so. However, it must be remembered that sometimes-unpleasant consequences also remove the illusion which the child may have nurtured about his ability whose outcome is defiance. It is also found that parents and teachers praise the child too much for every achievement.  However, too much applause makes a child remain complacent. He won’t do any task if he is not appreciated and is unwilling to listen to critics of his performance. As the child grows up, he should be allowed to become independent and must be permitted to make mistakes so that he can learn from them. There are many parents who are too sensitive about what people will think of their children. A child should never be bribed to do what he is asked to do but he should always be taught discipline without tears.

Vinod C. Dixit

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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