Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Petrol hike pinching pockets

Petrol prices have been raised Rs.3.38 per litre and diesel price by Rs.2.67 per litre. Petrol will cost Rs.68.40 in a significant increase in Mumbai. The Central Government is increasing the Dearness Allowance by a meagre amount, whereas the price is increased 10 times and so it has become difficult for people to make both ends meet. Huge amount is levied as taxes and in addition to extra burden by way of increase in price for all the commodities make the citizen of India go abroad and never return to face all the hurdles. Mumbaikars can face the ticklish situation in a planned way.  First of all, pooling of cars by using one car in a day for four persons can reduce the cost factor through petrol and also lessen the pollution to a great extent. The carbon footprint cause health hazards and so each and everyone should strive hard for reducing the pollution and keep the air clean. Drivers can put off the starter switch and wait for the long signals to end to restart their vehicles. In big societies, the owner of a car can offer help to other less privileged people,  so that they can avoid going by auto or taxi for short or long distances and pay through their noses. A proper planning can see and address the crux of the problem with regard to increase in petrol price in the best way possible. People can travel by locals when there is lesser rush in the trains to avoid travelling by road as a cost cutting measure. Limiting the consumption of petrol is only a solution to cutting the cost and still enjoy the comfort through share taxis/autos by opting for car-pooling from focal points in the city.

Subbu Jayant

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