Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Plant trees to reduce pollution

In its worst spell of importunate pollution in nearly two decades, the Delhi Capital’s air quality slipped into the ‘hazardous’ level. It reveals that the levels of air pollution remained “severe”, the highest warning as per the National Air Quality Index. India comes just behind China – which witnessed an estimated 800,000 deaths – says the study, which relied on mathematical modelling to arrive at its figures. A number of occupational and environmental factors are also associated with an increased incidence of lung cancer. Emergency measures have to be put in place. People with heart or lung diseases, elderly persons, and children were advised to remain indoors. Vehicle density is too much in Delhi and the traffic jam is the main culprit for the ambient air quality deterioration. As far as addressing the issue of air pollution is concerned, the authorities are more at fault for not devising and implementing proper system for disposing off the waste generated. Everybody has a right to clean air. Planting trees in every corner is essential to improve the quality of the air. The strategy should focus on stop the pollution and improve the quality of air.

Vinod Dixit

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