Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Pool phenomenon called Phelps

When countries participating in Rio Olympics are struggling to get a medal, Michael Phelps has niched his name in the annals of Olympics with scintillating swimming display. With a tally of 21 gold medals, he is on a high and the record created by him cannot be erased for a very long time. He is Golden man in the swimming arena with his swift timing, perfect moves and bold approach. His height is an advantage for him to accomplish winning performances.  Size matters for him as he won 21 medals in his last four Olympics and he failed to win one in his first attempt at the world’s biggest event. It is just like the perfect ten of Nadia Comaneci of Roumania and he went one step further with his rhythmic approach.  He is definitely a phenomenon on the pool side.

Chitra Krishnan

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