Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Privatise Mumbai locals for better services & accountability!

A few showers overnight was enough to disrupt Mumbai local rail services on the central line which were running late on Tuesday as commuters struggled to reach to their destination on time. Yesterday it was the Western Railway trains that were off schedule when some batteries got stolen from the Mahim substation which brought local trains to a standstill.

Shoddy pre-monsoon work from the authorities are the reason why train services go off track at the start of the rainy season but nothing is being done to correct the situation year after year. While rail fares are raised every year, nothing is being done to improve the services be it on safety count or even on them being running on time.

Privatization is the need of the hour for accountability & better services. Even a few minutes of delay is enough to bring life to a standstill in Mumbai & high time Mumbai locals are handed to private groups for upliftment and better services!


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