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PUBG ban is need of hour, many lives ruined over plying this

It is really good decision if PUBG gets banned in India, You will find many youth and kids playing this game and most of those kids don’t have a good sense of the balance which is needed between virtual entertainment and real life, players often forget everything and play the game for hours upon hours, which is a thing needed to be carefully looked upon, little kids doing too much of anything is not good, as they still don’t have a good sense of the world. Adults, giving up everything and playing the game invites a lot of isolation to their life. PUBG Mobile is one of the famous gaming sensations that has smartphone users on the edge. From thrilling excitement to fears of addiction, PUBG Mobile players are trying to strike a balance. But reports of PUBG Mobile causing imbalance in life, to the extent where some players are seeking medical help to overcome the addiction. Educational institutes have warned against the gaming habits of students and one university even banned playing the game in the campus premises. PUBG ruining many of the subs. People are so indulged in that game even they forget to sleep. One of my family members set up her own business which was doing quite well but one day for the sake of entertainment she started playing this game, and late nights, long days the addiction was so difficult to give up till the time she realized her business came to scratch and survival became a challenge. She went into deep depression, gave up playing PUBG but got addicted to drugs. The journey in one addiction to another and then rehabilitation was very much challenging. PUBG really ruined her prospects of life, standing again on her own took quite a lot of time.

Many school going kids have common complaints of less percentage which made many parents saddened. This game is not at all good for the youth who do not have self-control. With all that’s going on, PUBG Mobile is still growing by leaps and bounds. It has finally surpassed its chief rival Fortnite with higher daily active users. According to a recent report, PUBG Mobile has 200 million downloads and 30 million daily active users. PUBG Mobile witnessed overnight success in India, where the game also showed the country’s first-ever TV commercial for a mobile game. As the roaring success of PUBG Mobile continues to rise in India, concerns regarding the game’s effect on students are persistent. The biggest nightmare is that, the game looks real as this game contains mountains, houses, rivers, people, guns, vehicles, roads etc. As you sleep, you think about the game and it also comes in your dreams.

If you start playing this game for more than the purpose of entertainment, then sometimes you think about your future, studies, then you have no idea how depressed you feel. When gaming first made a foray in India, it was more of a sideline than the gully rap in 2012. The elder generation wasn’t very sure about it, only children of a certain background could access it, and parents made rules to their whims and fancies about access to it. That was a solid decade of good gaming for Indians. Once a company called Milestone started selling legal copies of games, a small but active gaming community started out. What actually drove Indian gamers to games is the fresh content, something that wasn’t available on the TV or in our films. And of course, there was this concept of the player controlling the character. That age of gaming was full of single player games that had the gamer lose themselves in the story, the characters and look in awe at the sheer amount of technology that went into the game. All that changed when a little known, addition to Half-Life, Counter-Strike, made its way into the world. Counter-Strike was an MMO, a Massively Multiplayer Online game, where players could – and had to shoot each other – to win the game. All of a sudden, gaming was Counter-Strike. The amusing part is that when CS became so popular, it had to be ‘procured’ and players played it on a LAN. I doubt if anyone ever bought a legal copy of Counter-Strike when the game was popular. But it became massively famous in cybercafes, where teenagers would spend hours and hours shooting each other. The cyber cafe owners soon realized that the adrenaline rushed teenagers and the concept of shooting and killing in closed, dimly lit environs wasn’t a good idea. In a while, some cyber cafes became game only cafes and others stopped allowing customers to play CS. PUBG is today what CS was back then. Everyone knows it, almost everyone has played it and yet, very few have paid for it. Especially now when you are forced to stay at home, and nothing much to offer you entertainment. Studies have gone in virtual classes; the kids have become like zombies with such games. They have limited themselves to smart phones and slowly the detachment with surroundings goes so harsh that they land up in emotional traumas and personality disorders. Two young men in Maharashtra died while playing PUBG on the railway track. They were so engrossed in the game that they couldn’t realise that a train was approaching them at first place. Not sure about whether PUBG will be really banned in India or not, but the app is already banned in some states considering all the nuisance that people are doing because of the game. The Indian youngsters are getting too addicted to games that they play everywhere such as schools, colleges, public transport and places. If the future generation needs to be saved then banning this game would benefit the most.

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