Sunday, June 20, 2021
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R.I.P Raghavendran Ganesan

The worst fears have indeed come true and Infosys employee Raghavendran Ganesan is indeed dead which has now been confirmed by DNA test at a Brussels hospital. This is tragic moment for the family of the departed who were desperately searching for the techies whereabouts in all corners of Brussels after one of the Facebook posts had marked him safe after the brutal blast in the EU Capital. Terror knows no religion or nationality and such acts of madness which is the handiwork of the insane is cruelty against the Almighty as we today live in the world of hatred and brutality where life has become unsafe as well as unpredictable. If a US citizen or a person of powerful developed nation gets killed in such form of terror, the death is usually avenged by the nation in question who target terror groups responsible for it. India too should not take such acts lightly and we need to strike people responsible for Ganesan’s death so that his soul can rest in peace. Life cannot be compared with monetary value but Infosys should still compensate the family of Raghavendran Ganesan so that his near and dear ones can atleast lead a life of comfort or do whatever they can do with that money for the memory of the techie. May Ganesan’s soul Rest In Peace!

S.N. Kabra

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