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Radhe Maa wanted to commit suicide because of Dolly Bindra

Radhe-and-DollyControversial self-styled godwoman Sukhwindar Kaur alias Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa, currently facing accusations in a dowry harassment case filed by a housewife, has revealed how she wanted to commit suicide when she was summoned by police.

Radhe Maa, as she is popularly known, said she was shocked to know that she was called by police. “I was shocked to hear this and started wondering what bad had I done which led to this. I thought of committing suicide, then realised that if I was wrong, I should be ready to face punishment.”

She also talked about TV actress Dolly Bindra, who had accused Radhe Maa of intimidation, sexual harassment and voyeurism.

“(In tears) I am most hurt by Dolly Bindra. I tried hard to make her good. She would always scream in between my programmes and use foul language. Whatever my followers gave me, she wanted to take. I would give it to her in the hope that she would become a good human being. But one day, she made me cry so much that I considered committing suicide just because of the torture. She wanted all the attention for herself, she wanted to become Radhe Maa.”

She also told the daily that she did not know who Arshi Khan was. “When it comes to the issue of a sex racket, I have never thought of doing such bad things in my life. Those people making these allegations are using my name for cheap publicity. They should do something good instead; I pray to god that they find some guidance.”

She added that she wields a ‘trishul’ because she feels Devi Mata is within her.

Clearing the air over her appearance in reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, Radhe Maa said no one has ever approached her for the show. “I have not seen any such programme, and neither am I interested, so the question of me appearing on such a show does not arise.”

Talking about her love for music, the godwoman said: “Since childhood, I had always loved music; every time I heard music, I felt like I was in a trance. I would get lost in the music and my in-laws noticed this and felt that I had some kind of power in me. They took me to my guru, who took me under his wing and christened me Radhe Maa when he saw that I had divine powers within me. That is how I got the name.”

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