Rahul Gandhi’s confidence in defeating BJP will work as tonic for Congress

Rahul Gandhi’s first television interview was comparatively much better than the seasoned politicians. He was quite composed, not seen nervous at all and without any reservations answering Arnab Goswami’s questions. Big leaders like Narendra Modi, who ran away from interviews due to too much nervousness inspite of having adequate experience of facing camera and media. I want to be little adamant on my opinion by saying that Rahul’s first interview was much more appreciable than those seasoned politicians of today’s time. BJP have issues with Rahul after his interview; they say he was ill-informed about the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Rahul, in an interview broadcast on Monday night, had said the difference between the 1984 riots and the 2002 riots in Gujarat was that in the former, the government was trying to stop the violence while in Gujarat, the government was abetting and pushing the riots. Arnab put him in fix by asking, do you agree with Manmohan Singh’s statement on Modi over Gujarat riots. If Rahul says agree then the debate, if he would have said, no I disagree, then too BJP would have made fun of him. Rahul Gandhi actually did not accused Modi’s government of ‘abetting’ 2002 riots, but he showed agreement with Manmohan Singh’s statement.

Arun Jaitley came out in a hurry, compared 2002 riots with 1984 anti Sikh riots. He said in Gujarat action has been taken against convict but still cases are pending and no action has been taken in 1984 cases. In 1984, police hardly fired at the rioters, it was in collusion with the government. In Gujarat, 300 rioters died in police firing. Around 65,000 rioters were arrested in Gujarat… more than 4,000 cases have been charge sheeted and hundreds have been convicted. Everyone knows, Modi may not be personally involved in the riots spread across Gujarat post-Godhra because it is unthinkable of any CM in his office. Operation Bluestar was necessitated by some Sikhs using the Golden Temple for storing weaponry and for fighting purposes. Possibly, this was what provoked the Gandhi killers. But Post-Gandhi assassination, a deep frustration about the Sikhs set in all across the nation in general and especially in the national capital. If the Congress kept mum, there was a reason for it, as Indira Gandhi was their leader too. In both cases, many innocent people were killed. Rahul ought to have heartily apologized to the Sikh community for 1984 riots. Rahul Gandhi did all the attempts to visit Punjab again and again, and apologized to people for whatever happened. So far, even remotely on the moral grounds, Modi never did so. Many were convicted in 2002 riots, and no Congressman has ended in jail because of 1984?

Coming back to Rahul’s interview, for the first time I saw Arnab was so well-mannered and calm to anyone while taking interview and he himself was giving point and chance to Rahul to comment in favour of Congress. Rahul might have evaded direct answers to the questions. The interview gives a clear image of Rahul’s simplicity and clean approach. During an interview, it was not difficult to understand why Rahul was taking a safe stand. Whatever is the uproar, BJP must realize that Rahul Gandhi has nothing to lose in the upcoming elections. Rahul very specifically told Arnab that when asked about Modi fear factor,  he has an aim that he do not like what he see in Indian politics. It is something that is inside his heart. It is like in our mythology when they talk about Arjuna, they only see one thing, and they do not see anything else. He sees that the system in this country needs to change, he don’t see anything else and blind to everything else. He prefers to be blind because he saw his own family destroyed by the system. One should understand that what he lost during the process of his political journey. He wants to bring some changes in the system by fighting against all odds. He is least bothered about Modi or BJP as fear factor. Arnab was too much reluctant to make him say that the Congress party is not prepared against Modi but Rahul Gandhi very smartly shut him off. Rahul has clearly stated that the idea that a party represents is much more important than any person belonging to the party. He also said that, the fight is between one ideology with another ideology. Those who fail to understand this, trap themselves into unnecessary questions and comparisons that promote personality cult and hero worship. Taken as a whole, he seems to make a clear point that the basic processes and thinking which we use to select and judge as a leader is flawed. Unless this is corrected, we cannot expect anything better than what is happening right now. When the Congress party willingly not taken any decision to name Rahul as the PM candidate, then its totally unfair to make Rahul vs Modi comparisons by any media. Hence, it does not matter what Rahul has achieved or not. What matter here is, the principles that will guide the politics of this country. We Indians always speak in jingles, speak eloquently and boast ourselves. We don’t need people who can talk for hours together without any substance, who heap abuses, on other party leaders, who keep saying rulers are bad, rulers are corrupt, blah, blah. Rahul was indeed clumsy and refused to drawn into direct conflict with Modi. I think, he did the right thing. Goswami should have concentrated on bringing out the strategy of Rahul or his views on governance than finding out on his views on Modi and Gujarat riots. The whole interview was not properly structured and was a waste of time. Rahul is not known for his speaking skills, just like his father. No use in expecting fireworks from him. Rahul showed patience and seriousness about his agenda for change in system. Like his father Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul is serious student of grass root politics.

Anyways, I never expected BJP to come down to such a level and attack on this interview so strongly. Since 1947, India has witnessed many riots. Even Mahatma also failed to control brutal killings. No riots can be justified as fair or unfair by anyone. They are always a scar on humanity. However, it’s a surprise that some people are totally tolerable to Sikh riots because there were repercussion of assassination of then PM and keep talking of Gujarat riots now to pull down a leader who is capable of a lot more than what current government is doing. Riots and wrongs are the evident inhumanness to mankind. Sufferers are nowhere related to politicians or politics. We should stop it here and think out of box. As a youth of this country, I need to let go (but not forget) and move towards better future.