Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Railways must augment safety

Over 100 injured and 23 dead in one of the worst derailment incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district has the entire nation in disbelief as death on tracks at regular intervals has become a common phenomenon in our country. Ultrasonic fault detection of tracks at regular intervals is not carried out by the authorities which results in such fatal tragic incidents time and again. The railways miss no opportunity to increase train fares time and again but the facilities offered are getting worse day by day. Basic safety standards too are ignored and thousands have died over the years due to lack of accountability. Human life has no value in our country and probes ordered to investigate train accidents are forgotten in a few days once the euphoria dies down till another accident happens in the near future. We don’t need a Railway Minister to oversee rail administration but a CEO from the corporate world would do that job more effectively. Railways should be semi-privatized and day to day administration must be handed over to corporates for better efficiency. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should bring about rail reforms urgently so that travelling by rail becomes not just safer but pleasurable as well.

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