Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Rainwater harvesting: It is not too late

Rain water harvesting assumes greater importance in a Metropolitan City like Mumbai. It is indeed a pathetic position as we face acute shortage of water and so much of rain water is going to the drains during every monsoon season. The simple system is adopted in cities like Tamil Nadu, where they face water shortage for years, now got a permanent solution with storage rain water.  However, in Mumbai, BMC’s plans for having rainwater harvesting measures were washed away as the civic body fails to implement plan to ease out city’s water woes and lost the way out with inferior planning. We cry foul when there is a water shortage position due to scarce rainfall during monsoon, but later on forget about the new venture once rains start falling. Sorry state of affairs was witnessed and the drought like situation is our own making. It is not too late that we follow the norms of rain water harvesting in a planned manner from the ensuing monsoon season and make a good beginning.


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