Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Refreshed Modi wave

The ‘Left’ is left by the smart, sensible and understanding voters from Tripura. In Nagaland also BJP’s ‘Lotus’ has blossomed very nicely. Though BJP could bag only two seats in Meghalaya, Congress could not win even a single seat in Tripura as well as in Nagaland. This fact proves that the Modi wave is still intact. This factual truth should be noted well by the BJP ‘ally’ Shiv Sena. The recent various election results in Maharashtra have proved openly that the Shiv Sena wave prevails in Mumbai only, but nowhere in Maharashtra. And the Modi wave is still on and intact. Therefore, Sanjay Raut, the spokesperson of Shiv Sena should not utter anything thoughtlessly anymore. People are more interested in development than waste of words. And people have believed and appreciated our neat, clean and patriotic Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic, foreign, domestic and defence policies wholeheartedly.


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