Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Rising crimes against women

Whatever said and done, the electronic city of Noida is increasingly becoming a rape city with number of cases reported in the last 15 months. The Delhi Government is not able to control crime in the city and the National capital region has become talk of the town on the safety of women in this country.  Arvind Kejriwal can bring odd – even formula to suit his way of managing the road rule but the city is a hell for women. He can put the blame on centre and find an escape route but in reality he is holding the power in Delhi and it is high time he should be able to have a control over his territory of rule. Kejriwal can blame Modi in open for all the wrong doings in the capital city, but the rule in Delhi ruins the life of women to larger extent. It is now or never situation Kejriwal should come in open and reveal his plan of action to bring the rape crimes in the city once for all, instead of making it a rape centre. Delhi CM is residing in this area and the crime is taking place in front of his nose with no remedy.


C.K. Ramani

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