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Rita Ora’s friends barely recognised her after breakup

rita-oraRita Ora’s friends didn’t recognise the person she’d become during a particularly messy breakup.

The singer didn’t allude to the man in question, although she split with DJ Calvin Harris in June last year (14). It’s believed things didn’t end well, as he notoriously stopped her from performing the song I Will Never Let You Down, which they worked on together, at various events.

Rita’s track Poison is about the breakdown of a relationship which was very hard for her.

“There was a time when my friends were actually like, ‘We don’t recognise you anymore,’” she said. “I was constantly worried about this guy; even while on the road, I would think: ‘Oh my God, what is he doing? Let me fly him out.’ So, for me, Poison is a really relevant video because it shows a form of honesty.”

The video shows a girl who becomes famous but then loses her sense of self because of the glamorous new world she finds herself in. It’s something Rita can relate to, as she now lives her life very much in the spotlight.

“I wonder what makes everyone so interested in me,” she mused. “It has made me really think about every move I make; it has made me more self-conscious. I always wanted the attention, but then when I started to get it, it made me second-guess everything.”

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