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Road safety week a drama

I had lodged the following complaint on the Maharashtra government’s portal ‘Aaple Sarkar’ on 26th December 2015, but there is no improvement in the situation till date.“ In the radio address ‘Mann ki baat’ to the nationals the people’s own Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly highlighted his worry about the road safety of the countrymen. But unfortunately, in our area of Sai Leela chowk junction in Borivali (W) all the vehicle drivers indiscriminately seem to have licence to ignore the traffic signals and break the bones of the schooling students, senior citizens visiting the famous Sai Baba temple and two Jain temples in this area as well as the housewives buying vegetables and the other daily needed essential commodities.

Such uncontrolled reckless and rash driving by drivers of the autos, trucks, tempos, BEST buses, tankers, taxis, high-speed, modern bikes and cars as also highly dangerous for the precious lives of the people of this area. Except our genuinely busiest PM Narendra Modi, will any of the ‘people’s representatives’ try to protect the people from the possible fatal accidents?” May we hope that ‘our representative’ MLA Vinod Tawde will look in this matter on war footing? Or will he join to prove the Road safety week’ one more annual drama? Or at least, will the Union Road Transport minister Nitin Gadkari do something for our permanent safety, immediately? We, the sufferers since long, hope so.

Hansraj Bhat

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