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Is RSS going the Taliban way?

Holding Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan responsible for the alleged murder of RSS activist Santosh Kumar (52), an RSS leader Kundan Chandrawat from Ujjain has announced a bounty of Rs. 1 crore on his head. He openly announced, “If anyone beheads the Kerala CM, who is the murderer of RSS activists, and brings his head I will bequeath my property worth more than Rs. 1 crore to him”. We are aware of growing violence and intolerance in our country and in such circumstances, if someone gets motivated by such talks what would happen? Who gave these right-wing activists an authority to threaten someone or provoke people to kill someone? If you are continuously fed with negative news about any person or organization or political party, you will start believing in it one day. Like all Muslims are terrorists, CPI (M) are Naxalites and anti-Hindu, none of these claims ever have been proved but whenever you hear “Kerala and its government” the first thing that comes to your mind  is “Anti-Hindu” and when you hear about any such alleged stories, you are likely to blame a state government.  By announcing rewards and awards, more anger is incited among people, which can lead to violence.

Kerala has always witnessed political murders, where the RSS-BJP and the CPM have lost several of their cadres. Last month, the death of BJP leader Santosh, was the eighth murder to have taken place after the Vijayan government took over in May, 2016. The RSS is the ideological fountainhead of the BJP. Last week, Vijayan had said right-wing organisations, including the RSS, have been trying to divide the country for the last several years. He also alleged RSS saying Nathuram Godse, who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, was a weapon in the hands of the organisation. The assassination was the result of a conspiracy. CM of Kerala always attacks the extremism of RSS and its members. The anger against him is very common among RSS and BJP supporters but it can reach to this level was not expected.

Pinarayi Vijayan, a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), was the longest serving secretary of the Kerala State Committee of the CPI (M) from 1998 to 2015. Vijayan won a seat in the May 2016 Kerala Legislative Assembly election as the CPI (M) candidate for Dharmadom constituency and was selected as the leader of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and became the 12th Chief Minister of Kerala. Vijayan also holds the charge of Home Affairs & Vigilance Departments along with the other portfolios normally held by the Chief Ministers, and not mentioned elsewhere. During his reign, he introduced various schemes like Haritha Keralam Mission, Project LIFE, Ardram Mission and Comprehensive Education Reforms. For the first time in India, an all-woman police squad called Pink Patrol was introduced in Kerala to ascertain the security of women and children in public places.

Vijayan and controversies walk hand in hand; the SNC Lavalin hullabaloo in Kerala was a major allegation that rocked Kerala politics. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India report had stated that the deal Vijayan had struck as electricity minister in 1998 with Lavalin, a Canadian firm, for the repair of three generators, had cost the state exchequer a staggering Rs. 375 crores. On 16 January 2007, Kerala High Court ordered a CBI enquiry into the SNC Lavalin case. There are also reports that the CAG did not report any losses to state exchequer, but that the project did not yield commensurate gains.

On 21 January 2009, CBI filed a progress report on the investigation in the Kerala High Court. Pinarayi Vijayan had been named as the 9th accused in the case. CPI (M) backed Pinarayi saying that the CBI move was “politically motivated”. Party viewed the implication of Pinarayi in the case is to settle scores with the CPM after the party withdrew its support to the UPA government. The CPM led Kerala Government decided not to let Vijayan be prosecuted in the case. Over-ruling the cabinet recommendation, the Governor allowed CBI to prosecute Vijayan based on prima facie evidence. On 5 November 2013, the CBI special court discharged Vijayan and the others accused from the list of accused in the SNC-Lavalin Case. The court has allowed a plea made by Pinarayi Vijayan asking his name to be removed from the list of accused in the case. The court held that, there isn’t any proof of dishonest and fraudulent intentions, abuse of official position and cheating.

There was another dispute; on 16 February 2007 the airport security in Chennai recovered five bullets from Vijayan’s baggage. The Chennai airport security let him off after receiving a faxed copy of his license.

We all know the hullabaloo in 2007, Pinarayi called Paul Chitilapally, the bishop of Thamarassery in Kerala, a “wretched creature”. Later, the Roman Catholic Church in Kerala was up in arms against him for his comments against the bishop. However, he repeated the same and stuck to his comments. This led to heated discussion among the Catholic community across the state to protest against his speech by closing all educational institutions run by the church. He is one leader who is least bothered about religion based bias. An elected CM liked by many, but still such announcements by RSS leader was uncalled for. Let’s see, what action Madhya Pradesh state government takes against him, and how RSS the organisation itself handles this issue.

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Dr. Vaidehi Tamanhttp://www.vaidehisachin.com
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