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‘Save Mumbai Marathi Granthasangrahalay Mission’ receives support from literary Giant

The Mumbai Marathi Granthasangrahalaya is a 120 year old institution, reminiscient of a glorious literary past housing thousands of precious literary works, a haven for lovers of Marathi literature and a symbol of  the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Unfortunately, the institution, which was established by leading luminaries of an era bygone is now facing the brunt of mismanagement, corruption and manipulation by vested interests who have used it to further their personal agendas. Several writers, social activists and historians have been putting up a spirited fight to save this Institution from further decay through the “Save Mumbai Marathi Granthasangrahalay” mission and these efforts received a filip on January 29 with the support accorded by Padmashri Sahitya Akademi Awardee Dr. Ganesh Devi, who visited the Granthasangrahalaya and committed to saving the institution. He said that preserving this institution is a critical element of preserving the Marathi language itself. He was of the opinion that the Charity Commissioner could play a crucial role in addressing the irregularities that challenge the institution and hoped that this would alleviate confusion and pave the way for restoring the glory of the Granthasangrahalay. Dhannjay Shinde, Anil Galgali, Sudhir Hegisthe, Krishna Naik, Ad Yogesh Gaikwad, Surendra Karanbe, Nitin Mohite also present and brief Dr. Ganesh Devi onging movement.

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