Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Shoe throwing incident

Throwing shoes at veteran politicians to humiliate them has become the latest way of gaining cheap publicity. The whim to insult senior leaders in this way is not only shameful but is also a symptom of the cultural deprivation of our times. That educated person like Ved Prakash can behave in such a brazen manner is unimaginable. Whatever the grumble against CM Kejriwal may be but this is no way to deal with it and is condemnable and unacceptable. Day by day, the incidents are multiplying and people are going cerebral in their analysis, debating questions such as why shoes are thrown at Political leaders. Throwing a shoe or hitting someone with a shoe or showing the bottom of shoe when sitting with legs up on a chair and facing another person all are culturally unacceptable and are considered to be a grave insult and belittling to a person. The act of throwing a shoe at someone or showing them your sole is “incredibly offensive” in the Middle East as it means throwing dirt on that person. Let us give a serious thought to this infectious ‘disease’ to stem it in time.

Vinod C. Dixit

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