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Smoking is a pernicious habit

This refers to your article “Smoking burns Rs 1.04 tn hole in eco, WHO for large warnings.” (March 25). The habit of smoking prevails in every part of the world. Tobacco is a dangerous weed and a major causative factor in spreading tuberculosis and cancer. Cigarette smoking undoubtedly invigorates one’s nervous system after physical and mental exhaustion. Smoking is a pernicious habit, once this habit is developed; it is very difficult to get rid of this enjoyable poison. The smoke contains very small particles of Nicotine which is a deadly poison. By breathing the poisonous smoke, we injure our health. To strike at the root, the Government  should discourage tobacco farming and encourage the farming community to shift to oil seeds and herbal plants. Maybe the warning on cigarette packs can go beyond the statutory. It can be made more shocking and more explicit to wean away borderline smokers. Government should start some awareness programs to stop the use of cigarette and for counselling of addicts, so that they can quit this bad habit.

Vinod C. Dixit

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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