Soccer Extravaganza


Unlike cricket, football provide thrill every minute and that is why it is a popular game and attracts more crowd as well. But just like cricket, football is a team game where performance is the name of the game. Portugal performed well at altar and upset the applecart by defeating France. The 1-0 margin look rather thin but the action was most enchanting. The venue of Euro 2016 final, Stade de France, Paris erupted as Portugal pocketed their maiden Euro triumph. Substitute Eder scores with fantastic strike in extra-time to stun hosts and now it is history. Portugal had a bad start as Cristiano Ronaldo was subbed in the 25th minute due to injury. But Eder scored in extra-time to deny France any trophy.  This win was remarkable because it was achieved in the absence of Ronaldo in the second half due to a field injury and the win achieved with great application of their skill. The victory went to the team that played the best football. It was indeed a soccer extravaganza. But for Indian television viewers the timing of the matches were odd and several fans missed the action of a live match.

Nickhil Mani

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