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Spring Breakers was career highlight says, Selena Gomez

Selena-GomezSelena Gomez believes coming-of-age movie Spring Breakers was her career highlight until her new album Revival came along.

The singer-and-actress has an impressive CV, boasting Hollywood film roles and chart hits like Stars Dance and Good For You. Although 2012 teen drama Spring Breakers received mixed reviews, the 23-year-old will always look back on it fondly.

While discussing record Revival, she even said it was her biggest moment since the flick was released: ”I haven’t been this proud of something since Spring Breakers.”

It’s not all be plain sailing for Selena though, with the star battling autoimmune disease lupus and facing a tumultuous on/off relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Luckily she’s always had her friend and fellow singer Taylor Swift to guide her through the tough times.

”Taylor and I dated Jonas bothers together,” she previously smiled to Herald Sun. “We met when she was 18. I was 15 or 16. She was so great to me. Then we became best friends. She would fly out to see me when I was going through something really hard. We’d eat a lot of fattening food and vent.”

Taylor, 25, and Selena are both enjoying successful careers, but the younger star insists she’s always learning from her best friend.

“I learnt a lot from her. She’s an amazing musician,” she smiled. “Everything I go through or say is filtered through her eyes and vision.”

Taylor also counts A-listers such as Gigi Hadid and Lorde among her closest pals. While some might be suspicious their bond is fake, Taylor insists she knows them better than that.

“I think one of my main goals in trying to preserve my sense of reality has been to surround myself with friends who have their own careers, and who don’t need me for any sense of validation or social climbing, or a career statement,” she added.

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