Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Stealth submarine secrets

It is indeed a sorry state that the defence secrets have become an open secret and that is not in good taste as we are sharing borders with Pakistan and China. Top secrets of stealth submarine were exposed and the $3.5 billion leak has brought bad name for the country and it reveals that there are people sharing such secrets for money or other favours. In what may be a major strategic set back to Indian Navy highly sensitive information pertaining to six submarines built in Mumbai has been leaked out. The stunning leak was exposed by a Sydney based newspaper and make it more open. Thus, the combat capabilities were exposed in 2500 pages of top secret details. These submarines are so silent underwater that they are extremely difficult, if not possible to detect. It is part of an economic war and the leak possible would have taken place overseas. It is a clear case of hacking and there is need to keep the defence secrets in the interest of national security and safety of our submarines. Since the top secrets of submarines have been revealed it is time to make a foolproof system to protect national interest in the days to come.

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