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Stop discrimination against people from North-East

It has been reported that the buffalos belonging to Azam Khan’s farm house were being chased by the police. Good quality “ murra” buffaloes are expensive because of their high milk yielding capacity. In winter, they can go anywhere for grazing but in summer, they will surely enter the pond. Their staple food is green fodder and “khali”. If a person has low intelligence they will joke, “kya bhains ka doodh pita hai”. If a person is physically weak they will say, “Itna kamzor hai, bhains ka doodh piya kar”. In villages they use buffaloes to harness the cart having rubber tyres. You must have heard the expression, “Akal badi hai ya bhains”.

Teasing and passing jokes, at times may prove counterproductive. Taniam, the son of an Arunachal Pradesh Congress MLA Nido Pavitrawas, was reportedly beaten up by a group of 5-6 men in Delhi. Some people were terming it as racism but it is not true. Many of us have racist tendencies and opt for white skin against the darker skin, foreigners against national citizens but that is another matter. We do not possess enough knowledge about the people hailing from North East. Our government has not popularized the life and culture of people belonging to this region. Same is the case with people from belonging to Andaman and Nicobar islands. I have sailed with the crew from Andamans and residents of this region are very hard working and polite.

We should encourage young men from Andaman and North Eastern states to join our marine training colleges which will enable them to find employment on board ships and get integrated into the society. Films are good medium for achieving this objective. We must select some young boys and girls for suitable roles in films and not confine such roles to a few persons only because that promotes elitist culture. Bullying and goondaism should be minimized by alertness of college wardens, principals and teachers. Strict action must be taken against the accused responsible for indulging in such activities.

It is more of a psychological aspect. Few years back, people who smoked cigarettes were considered smart while non-smokers were considered as fools. After creating awareness about the perils of smoking, this activity has reduced considerably. The universities should organize joint cultural programmes to promote friendship and co-operation. A caution for our friends hailing from north east. If they are looking for guidance, approach a bright faced girl with a smile. Approach police personnel and avoid rough and tough looking guys. If they follow these precautions then they will remain safe. Bad people will pick up a fight for no reason, “Meri bhains ko danda kyun mara”.

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