Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Stop relying on spinners

Test match cricket is a different cup of tea and Virat Kohli and company should realise the need of the hour and not just bank on spinners at home to take revenge.  After all test match cricket is an act of patience and perseverance and the game changes every session. Head to head results show England is far ahead and their high level professionalism shows where they stand. The 2012 defeat is still fresh in our minds and that too after winning the first at Ahemedabad rather convincingly.  Spinners did great home work in the past but the English side did have plans to counter. Over dependence on spinners is bad for Indian cricket. For taking revenge we should have a balanced bowling attack, sound opening batsmen and safe slip fielders to support our skipper. If we lack that then revenge is only on paper.

Chitra Krishnan

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