Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Storm in the tea cup

Punjab SP has become a suspect in Pathankot terrorists attack as NIA creates scene of his abduction and visits the border village from where the perpetrators are believed to have sneaked into Indian territory. The glaring inconsistencies in the statements of the Superintendent of Police give rise to doubts. The SP’s activities created a doubt and NIA sleuths quizzed the SP and made a scene to get more truths of his abduction and the subsequent attack by the terrorists on the Pathankot Air base. One of the inconsistencies is regarding the number of terrorists. Moreover the sleuths were wondering how eight adults can take ride in the SUV and that too with their cache arms and ammunitions. Now SP answers raise the doubt that whether he did spin a yarn to fool the investigating agency. Next dubious statement is that both the accomplices of the SP were having injury marks whereas he came out unscathed in the terrorists alleged abduction drama. In the meanwhile the main opposition wants heads to be rolled for the mistakes occurred in the terrorists operation near Pathankot Air base. It is indeed a storm in the tea cup for media and something to chew for the Congress.

Jayanthy Maniam

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