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The Lockdown period can be extended due to rise in the cases of COVID-19

In the wake of the epidemic coronavirus excavating its noxious talons globally, the nation is keen to know what strategies Prime Minister Narendra Modi has planned to win the war against COVID-19. Respective state and central governments are doing their bit, but PM Modi is taking the stand following other countries. PM Modi had appealed to the people to cheer and support those who were fighting the virus risking their own lives by clapping at 5 pm on March 2. This method of PM Modi was discussed all over the world and now Britain too clapped in support of the coronavirus warriors across its country, following PM Modi’s move. On 26th March, as darkness fell across the UK, millions of people stood at their front doors and open windows, in gardens and on balconies, to raise a thunder of gratitude for those working on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. The exuberant noise of hand clapping, cheering, hoots and whistles resounded along streets that had been eerily hushed for most of the day.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called out those flouting the lockdown rules, as Coronavirus count in the country stands at 369 as per recent statistics. On March 22, millions of Indians stayed indoors in an overwhelming response to PM Modi’s call to maintain a day of ‘Janta Curfew’ and express gratitude towards the essential service providers. Even the country following 21 days lockdown to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

When Modi called for clapping and cheering, plenty of people in parts of the country rallied on roads in groups post 5 PM in response to PM Modi’s call to exude appreciation by clapping or clanging. Brazenly disregarding the Prime Minister’s appeal to practice self-isolation and maintain social distancing, groups of people took on the streets in various parts of the country, in what may seem like a celebration. Some places even government authorities and political leaders marched on the roads to cheer and clap. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut took a sharp jibe at Narendra Modi over his appeal to the nation to hold candles, lamps and mobile flashlights on Sunday in a show of solidarity amid the coronavirus crisis, and said hope “they” don’t burn down their own homes. When people were asked to clap, they crowded the roads and beat drums. Narendra Modi on Friday asked Indians for 9 minutes of their time at 9 pm on Sunday, April 5, to end the “darkness” of COVID-19 by lighting candles or flashing torches and mobile phones from their houses. Hope people really remain in house and they don’t end up bursting crackers and displaying any madness on roads.

PM Modi, announced a lockdown of 21 days, till April 14, across the country. He said that just as the war of Mahabharata was won in 18 days, a decisive war against the coronavirus will be won in 21 days on the same lines. Therefore, a 21-day lockdown is being announced. But looking at recent developments, the lockdown can continue further. India on April 3, 2020 witnessed the highest spike so far with 478 cases reported in the last 24 hours. The total number of positive cases till 10.30 pm (IST) on April 3 reached 2,547 and the death toll stood at 62. 157 patients have recovered from the coronavirus so far, as per the latest data of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The highest number of cases so far has been recorded in Maharashtra (490 cases, 24 deaths), followed by Tamil Nadu (485 cases, 3 death), Kerala (306 cases, 2 deaths), Delhi (445 cases, 6 deaths) and Uttar Pradesh (227 cases, 2 deaths).

There are 182 COVID-19 diagnostic labs in the country now, of which 130 are in Government Sector. Around 8,000 samples tested yesterday, which is the highest till date. Cumulatively, 66,000 samples tested till date, stated ICMR representative in the press conference. He further said the guidelines for using Rapid Diagnostic Test for COVID-19 is expected to be released by tomorrow. Discussions are being held on how to deploy these tests in high-risk and low-risk areas, in hotspot and non-hotspot areas. He also said testing is for the sole purpose of confidence-building. It is not advisable, especially when testing kits are limited. The focus of sampling is on hot spot areas and areas where higher of cases have been reported. No decision on revising sampling criteria taken as of now.

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