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There is No favours of considerations during lockdown for any emergency

There is panic in public with extended lockdown is very much evident, now it’s the question of survival more than safety. People are dying their death every day while living during lockdown. Privileged are those who have private vehicles or cars, at least they somehow managing to commute at least once a while. But those who are residing in 10×10 rooms with many members under one roof are almost forced to break the rules and sit on pavements of their area. Travelers with passport got this virus in India and people with ration card and stomach on hand suffering due to government failure.

Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, and Pune declared under the “red zone” as they have reported 91 per cent of the total 1,652 positive cases in Maharashtra so far. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray extended the lockdown period in the state till April 30. The lockdown could be extended even beyond April 30 if people fail to follow the social distancing norms. Again, as I mentioned above, social distancing norms are hard to follow in most of the interiors of Mumbai. Especially slum. People in dire emergency are not allowed to travel for one place to another, police is nowhere in a mood to cooperate, the reason they are ordered to do so. A senior citizen couple in my neighbour came in awkward situation when cops refused them to travel to Pune as their younger daughter who is alone in Pune due for delivery. Many Mumbaikar lost their beloveds but can’t travel from one place to another to do their last riots. People of Mumbai really cooperating with government and cops, but some rarest of rare cases need consideration from government.

Prime minister spoke about dividing all the districts in the country in red, orange and green zones on the basis of the number of coronavirus positive cases. The red zones will include districts which have reported more than 15 COVID-19 cases, while the orange zones will cover the areas where 15 or a smaller number of cases have been reported. The green zones will cover the districts which have reported 0 or one case, the detailed guidelines with regard to such zones will be issued in a day or two. Maharashtra has become a third state after Odisha and Punjab to extend the lockdown period till April 30. The decision was announced by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray after attending the meeting with the PM. Thane, Palghar, Navi Mumbai and Pune have reported 91 per cent of the state’s 1652 positive cases so far and will fall under the red zone and the lockdown will remain there. In view of the extended lockdown in Maharashtra, the health minister urged people to observe discipline in a stricter manner. But he did not mention about considerations in rare cases.

Soon the government will categorize hospitals in three ways: COVID Care Centres (CCC) in which there will be 100 per cent asymptomatic patients will be treated and COVID Health Centres which will treat persons with mild symptoms and COVID-19 Hospitals where severe and critical individuals will be admitted. “A big hospital like Seven Hills (in Mumbai) can treat patients of all three categories, he added. COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra reach 1,761 with 187 more people testing positive. As many as 38,800 persons are in home quarantine while another 4,964 are isolated in institutional quarantine facilities across the state. The state also recorded 187 new positive cases, the state’s death toll has now touched 127 and the number of positive cases shot up from Friday’s 1,574 to total 1761 today. Among the victims are Mumbai’s 12 including 4 women, two in Pune, and one each in Satara, Dhule and Malegaon, and majority of the victims suffered from other serious diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma or heart problems. On the positive side, 208 patients have fully recovered and discharged, including 2 from Mumbai today. As many as 38,800 persons are in home quarantine while another 4,964 are isolated in institutional quarantine facilities across the state. A total of 4,641 teams have surveyed a population of over 1.70 million in the state to weed out potential cases and avoid spread. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) announced that it has set up 186 Corona Care Centres, 11 Dedicated Corona Health Centres and 26 Dedicated Corona Hospitals in Mumbai, as per Centre’s directives.

Mumbai’s Dharavi — Asia’s biggest slum and the most congested locality on earth — continued to cause concerns with six new cases today, increasing the total to 28, besides five deaths, according to local civic officials. Since Friday, the government has deployed the State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) in Dharavi to assist the Mumbai Police, besides flying drones to enforce strict lockdown in the region.

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