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They are ready, Are you?

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mumbai-electionMumbaikars are all set to go to polls today. While youth are enthusiastic, politicians are maligning the image of their opponents to secure votes, corporate houses are encouraging people to go out and cast their votes and declare discount on ‘inked’ fingers.

Mumbai and its adjacent areas are casting its vote for the General Elections, 2014. However, the youth are gearing up to exercise their franchise. Today’s youngsters are enthusiastic to vote this time especially as they have an option to vote rather than national parties. Also for the first time, they would be given the choice of exercising the NOTA option. Thus a huge turnout is expected during elections this time, with corporate houses, celebrities and spiritual leaders all are urging people to exercise their franchise and thus participating in the political process. Advertisements endorsing certain political parties add to the election fever.

There is enough evidence to prove that people are gripped with the election fever. Sports and movies have taken a back seat. There is intensive media coverage of elections. On the other hand,politicians are involved in a verbal spat and are leaving no stones unturned in endorsing their party and humiliating the opposite candidates.

Sanjay Nirupam has written a letter to Mr AvinashDhakne, Returning Officer from Mumbai North constituency,stating that GopalShetty, MLA and BJP candidate from Mumbai North LokSabhaconstituency and six others have forged signatures of original Land Owners, and transfer property bearing C.T.S No. 36 in their names and that a complaint has been registered under Sec 156(3). Borivali Court has directed the Borivali Police Station to register an FIR, investigate the matter and file a chargesheet within 90 days. Speaking on this issue, Sanjay Nirupam said, “I demand that action be taken on GopalShetty, under relevant provisions of Law and the Borivali Police Station be directed to take immediate action accordingly.”

On one hand politicians are busy maligning the images of their opponents, whereas corporate houses are offering attractive discounts to urge the people to vote. It is all happening amidst the heat of this election season; as the standard of debate touches a new low, corporate participation has touched a new high.Zicom has offered a discount upto 15 per cent on their product to their customers for merely casting their votes.

Mr. PramoudRao, Managing Director, Zicom India explicitly stated, “Of all the fundamental duties of a citizen, I would consider voting as the most important role and responsibility. This is a small endeavour by Zicom to encourage participation in the electoral process and thereby secure the nation.”

The offer initiated by Zicom’s Product Solutions group will have additional free services which include free installation of the products VDP and DIY – CCTV, free Insurance worth 2.4 Lakhs and also the assurance of ‘We Fail We Pay.’

Young generation is seeing more enthusiastic and specially the first time voters. AV spoke some of the youth about their views. Misbah Khan, a first time voter said, “I am excited about casting my vote. So much has changed in politics. The most interesting is the availability of the NOTA option. So, if I find that none of the candidates are up to the mark, I will use the NOTA option.

Shireen Shah, a housewife residing in Kandivali said, “Iam 38 years and have been exercising my franchise ever since I was 18. Being an active voter makes me feel empowered. A single vote can make a difference. So I urge all adults to exercise their franchise.”

VipulRamdas, an advertising student from Santacruz said, “I turn 18 this year. I am excited to cast my vote for the first time as it gives me a sense of responsibility.”

Nalini Seth, a HR employee from Malad said,” I am 32years now. I like to cast my vote as I want the ink on my finger which I want to upload on Facebook.”

Hence all people literate or illiterate, rich or poor want to cast their vote. They understand their responsibility as citizens of democracy and do not want their vote to go waste. This is a good step in the right direction as all Indians should unite to select a candidate who will actually contribute to the development of this country and maintain communal harmony.

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