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Tips to choose the right skincare products for acne-prone skin

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Who doesn’t want flawless, glowing skin? But that isn’t always possible. There are days when a sudden zit appears overnight and we try and conceal it as much as we can using different tactics. But some people suffer from a constant acne problem especially people who have oily skin are prone to it. In such a scenario, it becomes rather important that we keep a check on the kind of cosmetics we are using. Wrong products can worsen the condition leading to more acne. We bring to you a list of guidelines to help you choose the right cosmetics for your acne-prone skin. Read on…


People who have acne-prone skin often assume that they do not need a moisturiser as their skin is already oily and applying moisturiser will further add to this leading to more acne. But this is a big myth which needs to be busted. Even acne-prone These treatment products contain skin-drying ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. A skin moisturiser will provide the needed moisture to the skin by subsiding the dryness and skin irritation.

But you can’t just use any moisturiser, you need to get something which suits your skin and acne condition. ‘It should be light and should not clog skin pores so go for products that are labeled non-comedogenic. Products containing glycerin and hyaluronic acid are also good as they won’t irritate your skin or clog it and will also help in retaining the moisture of your skin.

But be wary of heavy creams with cocoa, butter, mineral oil, cold creams, etc as they are an open invitation to more acne. They aren’t suited for your skin and are best avoided.

Scrubs and face masks

According to dermatologists, scrubs do not provide much relief from existing acne. It is best to avoid expensive masks as well. All you need is a gentle and non-abrasive cleanser which suits your skin type. Exfoliating the skin should be done very gently as the acne could pop if you rub too hard. You can make face masks at home using natural ingredients like lime juice, honey, etc which won’t have any side-effects and will be easy on the pocket as well.


Sunscreen is an important part of any skincare regimen. Every kind of skin needs it. It not only protects against UVA and UVB rays but also creates a barrier against pollution, dust, etc. But for acne-prone skin, choose a non-greasy lotion which absorbs easily into the skin, in short, does not make it look too greasy.

Make sure it is a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or above. You can buy water or gel based lotions too. Sunscreen with ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are good for acne-prone, sensitive skin.

Make-up cosmetics

If you are looking to cover blemishes and acne spots with make-up, make sure you select the right one as the chemicals in it can further cause skin irritation and lead to more acne. ‘Make sure the cosmetic does not suffocate the skin and block pores. Avoid greasy make-up. Cover up with natural and light make-up and make sure you remove every speck of it before going to sleep.

Here are some more points to keep in mind when you buy make-up for acne-prone skin:

  • Buy products which are non-comedogenic as they will prevent more breakouts.
  • Look for the ingredients used in the cosmetic. Water-based ones are better as they will not irritate the skin than oil based ones as they can cause more pimples. But the chances of bacteria is high in liquid cosmetics so try and stick to loose powders, compact, etc.
  • Keep the use of foundation to a minimum. You could also opt for a good BB cream instead.
  • Mineral make-up is also good for such skin. It contains ingredients like silica, titanium oxide; zinc oxide which are good for the skin and also helpful is soaking excess oil.
  • If any product makes your skin itchy or causes redness, discontinue its usage.
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