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Toilet stunt of MNS

Toilet-stunt-MNSPolitical parties often overlook the real issues which are affecting the country and instead focus on splurging the tax-payers money for garnering cheap publicity. The swanky new air conditioned lavatory constructed by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena at Western Expressway, Kandivali (E) is an example of good politics taking precedence over bad economics. The MNS party which is known for its aggressive style of politics has wasted the tax-payers hard earned money by constructing this luxurious lavatory.

A sofa set costing around 2.5 lakhs, a 42-inch inch LCD television and air conditioner costing more than 2 lakhs is installed inside the lavatory. The public toilet is constructed on a 3,000 sq ft area and it has separate cubicles for men and women. It has air conditioned changing room and washroom for visitors.

When our correspondent visited the toilet he found that it was empty. On the other hand, Kandivali residents are unhappy with the MNS party’s decision to splurge money on such kind of projects at a time when the common man is gripped by rising inflation and corruption.

Sunita Landge, a housewife from Kandivali slum said, “People residing in slums have to use poorly maintained public toilets which emanate a bad odour. The party could have instead spend this money on the upkeep of the existing toilets which are in dire straits.”

Sachin Yadav, a BSC student said, “Politicians should stop wasting tax payer’s hard earned money for constructing airconditioned toilets. They could have utilised the money for constructing more toilets for people residing in slums.”

The swanky new toilet was commissioned by MNS MLA Pravin Darekar through the money allocated under the MLA development fund

Vandaya Patil, an accountant from Malad said, “Many public toilets are unhygienic and are poorly illuminated. Whatever money the MNS had spent for constructing the lavatory could have been used for the maintenance of those toilets which are unhygienic.”

The lavatory was inaugurated by the MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Saturday, 5th January, 2014.
Nagesh Shoda, a vendor from Kandivali said, “The city needs more toilets. It’s a good initiative to construct swanky toilet but the party could have constructed more toilets without spending on television sets, sofas etc.”

More than 15 lakh rupees have been spend by Darekar for the construction of the toilet.
Ashok Ghag, a shopkeeper by profession said, “Public toilets don’t require ACs. It is not a right step to spend money on luxury toilets when people are struggling to have two square meals.”

Four to five personnel have been appointed for the maintenance of the public toilet. People will not be charged for using urinals but they will have to pay five rupees for using toilet and Rs 25 for taking bath.

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