Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Tough game of T-20 cricket

We in India expected too much during the World Cup T-20 and the team reached semi-final stage thanks to Bangladesh’s inexperience in scoring last 3 runs required of 4 balls. Generally we over water the pitches and try to take advantage of the toss. But this time round the scenario is different. The pitches are not getting sufficient water and that in turn spoil the hopes of the home teams in IPL 9 this year. Thus 13 matches would be shifted including the final schedule for 29 in Mumbai. This is a shocking decision for BCCI and the Cricket Control Board is aiming to earn maximum out of matches played in the home ground. Even teams took advantage of home matches as we saw teams no where in the competition came out the last four stage and won the championship as well. Water is the main thing required to make out matches in favour of the home team but this time round it has become villian and Bombay High Court has issued strict orders to shift matches after 30th April.


Chitra Krishnan

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