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Tricolour instills patriotism

India is a secular country and after gaining independence on 15th August 1947, we have the right to express our views and nobody can stop you from giving valuable suggestions. Newspapers play a positive role in bringing the views of the readers by including them in Letters to the editor column. It gives an opportunity to the reader to give his frank opinion. “India is my country and all the Indians are my brothers and sisters” goes a long way. Pen is mightier than sword is true.

The tricolour instills in you a sense of great pride, no matter what the platform and the confidence level take you to the skies on the Republic day. India is my country and all the Indians are my brothers are sisters- ring in my mind throughout the day and the year round.  Born in the year 1950, I feel proud to be an Indian. On the other hand, we see people hoisting the flag as per their own convenience and again in the evening it is not brought down as per the guidelines. Again we find flags are thrown on the street after the celebrations. The constitution urges all the people to honour the national flag. However, when you go on a morning walk on the day preceding Independence and Republic Day you can find lots of flags thrown on the street all over. As a regular morning walker, I distribute flags on both days and pick those which are thrown on streets and preserve them. And it is my earnest desire that others should also follow this example. The civic body in turn should take the lead and issue necessary instructions to the people residing in the area to follow the rules strictly. Notices should be pasted in every society at focal points stating that plastic and pin up flags should not be thrown on the roads and that the Indian Tricolour must be respected. The flag is the symbol of India’s sovereignty.  It is quite imperative that Indian citizens respect the national flag. We must refrain from using plastic flags. Once the celebrations are over it is our utmost duty and see that the flags should not lie on the roads. As a keen follower of Gandhian Policy I picked up few flags on the street and kept it as a souvenir. It is also quite imperative to stand in silence for the National Anthem. This is my clarion call.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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