Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Turmoil in Gujarat

Petty politics and the failure to handle pressure situations forced a change of guard and the failure of Anandiben to handle the Patidar agitation and the present Dalit’s unrest in the State. Patel claims that she quit the Gujarat Chief Minister’s post to honour the 75 year old age cap set for senior leaders by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Whatever said and done, the fate of the CM was sealed as buffeted by the proliferating Patidar agitation, the rising crescendo of Dalit protests in Gujarat and the slugfest within her own party all put paid her hopes to continue full term. It is a matter of great concern to build a party in power and that too when election are scheduled to be held next year. Both the Prime Minister and Amit Shah belongs to the same state, and they may find out a suitable candidate to face the storm within the party ranks and outside with tact and the present turmoil will soon come to peaceful end.

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