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Twitter Raja arrested for killer tweets

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Raja-arrestedPosting derogatory comments against Sangh Parivar and BJP proved too costly for Amaresh Mishra.

Former journalist and author Amaresh Misra has been arrested by the Lucknow Police for posting offensive comments on social networking site twitter against the Sangh Parivar and followers of Narendra Modi. Amaresh is the script writer of the Bollywood movie Bullet Raja and has authored many books. He also claims to be an ardent supporter of Congress and Dighvijaya Singh’s right hand. A complaint was filed in the month of October, 2013 by Shiv Sena IT cell member Ramesh Solanki against Amaresh Misra at BKC Cyber police station for threatening to kill the Sangh Parivar members and rape any woman who supports the BJP. Mishra’s twitter handle has been suspended after his arrest.

On May 13, Misra had posted derogatory comments against Sanghis and threatened to kill them inviting the ire of the community and netizens.

He tweeted, “In Egypt the army killed 2000 fundamentalists to preserve secularism. We will kill 2 lakh Sanghi’s to save the Indian democracy.”

Another tweet mentioned, “To save democracy all those supporting Right wing forces on twitter will be killed. We will send CRPF to your houses drag you out and shoot.”

In the fray of tweeting even Sanghis were not too behind. Many supporters of Sangh Parivar too began using offensive language on twitter. This list includes the name of people who wrote Narendra Modi’s. Will they too face imprisonment like Misra?

Arrested Amaresh Misra said, “If Sanghi’s attack family (Gandhi Family) without any reason then I being a Sanathan Brahmin will not spare any of them.”

As per the reports, few fake profiles have been created in the name of BJP leaders Nitin Gadkari with an intention to incite violence. On 12th October, 2013 AV had published an lead story about Amaresh Misra’s tweets which mentioned, “I will kill Modi and reward anyone who brings his head.”

Misra tagged the PMO and dared the government to arrest him. He has been raising his voice whenever somebody posts negative comment about his party or its president. He has been aggressively tweeting against Modi and has been using foul language against him.

A case was filed against Mishra at Mumbai in October but no action has been taken against him even though there is concrete evidence against him.

Ramesh Solanki who filed a complaint against Amaresh with the Mumbai Police talking to AV said, “I am happy that finally he has been arrested. I will be more happy if stern action is taken against him.”

Kanchan Karai, a voice over artist who filed a complaint against Amaresh with the Mumbai Police said, “The constitution has granted freedom of speech and expression to every Indian citizen but that doesn’t mean that he can misuse it. I personally has never interacted with him but I saw his tweet which was very provocative. Such people should not be permitted to use social networking sites like twitter. Finally, I am happy that Misra has been sent behind the bars.”

In an AV report published on 12th October, 2013 Amaresh talking to our newspaper expressed his views on his tweets and said, “It all began in February 2013 when I had joined twitter. Sanghi handles were abusing Congress party members and women. Digvijaya Singh and Rahul Gandhi were not spared and Sonia Gandhi was abused profusely. We could have ignored all this; but morale of Congress workers, secular forces and women was being hit!”
AC Malviya from Lucknow Cyber Crime unit said, “Multiple cases were filed against Amaresh. We possess concrete evidence against him.”

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