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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Twitter states it removes 1 million bots each day

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Twitter on Thursday stated every day a call takes place with executives and a briefing which aims to remove fake and spam accounts which are used to tussle with Elon Musk over “Spam Bots”. It removes 1 million spam accounts each in a call with executives.

As per the reports, Twitter has said “ It reviews “thousands of accounts” sampled at random, using both public and private data such as IP addresses, phone numbers, geolocation and how the account behaves when it is active, to determine whether an account is real”. So that it calculates how many are malicious spam.

Twitter has stated there are few private data on Twitter that isn’t available publicly and not in the data “firehose” that was given to Musk, including IP  addresses, phone numbers, and location. Twitter also states such private data helps avoid misidentifying real accounts.

Most companies and advertisers are facing issues of fake social media accounts for years. Most advertisers rely on social media for advertisements. There are Spam bots that are used to amplify messages and give out misleading information. Twitter has checked all this information after which they stated all the accounts are not “Malicious bots” some are “Good bots” which give news information, health and weather updates.

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