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Uddhav Thackeray – Most Efficient Working CM Of Maharashtra

Thackeray government is making every effort to generate employment. Maharashtra with a geographical area of 9.4% of India constitutes about 10.2% of the total workers of the country.

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Uddhav being the first time Chief Minister of Maharashtra looks enthusiastic and very active in his role. However, controversies kept cropping up every now and then but he maintained his demure. Maharashtra is one of the most advanced and progressive states in India, it has its challenging vision for its development. Uddhav is here to bring that change, his Government has appointed a panel to extend relief to farmers with loans amounting to Rs 2 lakh. The second tunnel boring machine (TBM) for the underground metro stretch is flagged off. Uddhav has announced an allotment of Rs 20 crore for Raigad – the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the development work has already begun. Metro projects are launched in Nashik, Thane after they were launched in Pune and Nagpur. A special grant of Rs 100 crore for the development of Pathri (birthplace of Sai Baba) was announced, but a controversy erupted over CM Uddhav’s reported comment calling it Sai Baba’s birthplace, still he ignored the unnecessary attacks and carried out his mission. ‘Shiv Bhojan’ scheme is providing subsidized meals at Rs 10 in various parts of the state. The Maharashtra government also announced lots of funding towards the growth and advancement works of state municipal hospitals. One of the straight examples is Wadia Maternity and Children’s hospital that could resume its operations and also directed the BMC to release its share of Rs 22 crore.

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Works worth Rs 2,031 crore in Aurangabad will be completed in one to three years. The development projects include an ambitious water supply scheme of Rs 1,680 crore, the Balasaheb Thackeray memorial worth Rs 25 crore, a safari park worth Rs 174 crore, and the construction of 23 roads worth Rs 152 crore. He assured the citizens that all the promises related to water supply, road works would be fulfilled. For several years, people have been assured that the water woes of Aurangabad will be resolved but nothing much was done. The Thackeray government is making every effort to generate employment. Maharashtra with a geographical area of 9.4% of India constitutes about 10.2% of the total workers of the country. Employment in the state has changed remarkably since Maha Vikas Aghadi took over to govern the state. Greater employment being generated by various training and skilled programs. The employment scenario of Maharashtra with respect to the classification of the workforce according to location, employment in different activities, gender, and levels of education suggests that employment generation in non-agricultural activities especially in rural areas will provide a lot of respite to the rural population and lead to exclusive progress of the state. Maharashtra is the third largest state with a total geographical area of 308’000 sq. km. which is 9.4% of India and the second largest in terms of population. The state has 35 districts with 535 towns and 43,663 villages. It is divided into six revenue divisions, first one is Amravati Division, Aurangabad and the second division is Konkan Division, Nashik Division, Nagpur Division, and Pune Division. The total population of the state in 2010-11 is 11,23,72,972 with 6,15,45,441 as rural population and 5,08,27,531 as urban population. Population density is 365 persons per sq. km. Such a huge state needs a steady pace for overall development.

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Mumbai roads were one of the most challenging issues; there was a lot of criticism about potholes and road repair work. Since last year the roads are getting better, the potholes are getting filled, the bridges are getting repaired, the greenery is getting restored. From health care to transportation and infrastructure, BMC has shown its remarkable speed under the Thackeray government. As an opposition, BJP plays a repulsive game, its only objective is to disrupt the government. Their leaders are pressurized by ED, there are raids and summons. Some BJP loyal influencers and TV channels were assigned to humiliate and attack CM Thackeray and his Maha Vikas Aghadi government. All that was not easy for CM, he had to walk his path against all the odds thrown at him. But still, he believes that there should be healthy competition between states in offering facilities and not in competition between states in concessions inland or electricity rates to attract investment. From major infrastructure projects such as the Metro network to growth incentives in overall areas, Mumbai’s Development Plan to policy initiatives, to rural development Chief Minister of Maharashtra is doing his best. Soon after taking over as the Chief Minister, Uddhav was faced with the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mumbai being one of the most thickly inhabited cities in the world was the hardest hit due to an overnight knee-jerk lockdown by PM Narendra Modi. Uddhav has managed the lockdown very well considering his inexperience at state-level administration. Making available the necessities, facilitating the orderly exit of migrants from the state, and allowing people to move out to villages from cities have been excellent moves. This was followed by rigorous testing unmindful of the criticism of Maharashtra having the highest number of cases in India. Even the BJP couldn’t find much fault except blaming Uddhav for not opening temples when bars are already open which does not carry much weight as the temples are already accessible throughout the state except in some pockets. The BJP and its notorious IT cell have misjudged the capabilities of CM Thackeray but those attacks just boomeranged and continue to do so. One cannot ignore the fact that he has proven himself to be the most efficient CM of the state.


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Vaidehi Taman
Vaidehi Taman
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