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Uplift the lower class, announcing good minimum earning

Afternoon Voice must be appreciated for picking up Pune violence incident quickly. I could only understand properly when I read the newspaper.

If you notice, recently I have been advocating a slight left of centre policies. BJP /RSS gained by dividing Hindus and Muslims. The opposition is seeking to gain along rich-poor line and dalit – brahmin line. “Tum Dharm ke naam par baate, hum garib ameer ke naam par banenge “.

India is a big country ,full of diversities, depravity, hunger, malnutrition, caste inequalities and, therefore, any one following left of center line (not communism per se) and exciting the economically downtrodden, is likely to win. “Hum garib hain, dalit soshit hain, hamare liye kutch nahin, sab upper caste/rich ko mil raha hai “.

That’s the winning proposition.

To be fair, yes, you have to uplift the lower class by announcing a good minimum earning. Next is a quite decent earning for middle class. We have to cap maximum take home wages. Then, they will say, we won’t work. Now, it is here that a governmental intervention is called for. No, you will work. We will reward you in kind and also by providing you due recognition.

Farmer – loan waiver is temporary solution. You have to request business houses to assist rural development. They will say, no no, I will go to bar and drink or enjoy hookah parlour.

 (The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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