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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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US man held for breaking into police station!

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Most crooks want to break out of police stations, but a man in the US has been dubbed as “America’s Dumbest Criminal” for breaking into one.

Michael Naughton, 24, from Somerville, Massachusetts, was arrested after being busted for allegedly trying to break into a Boston police station.

Naughton, was charged with breaking, entering, trespassing, and resisting arrest after he broke in to the Boston Police District A-1 neighbourhood station on Sudbury Street on Tuesday.

Officers allegedly saw Naughton “violently pull” on the locked door to the station’s garage and walk in, the Boston Globe reported.

Police followed him and asked him why he was entering the garage, and he starting yelling at the officers, asking them to leave his ‘house’, police said.

When officers informed the suspect that he had broken into an area of a Boston police station, he continued to yell out his address and became argumentative.

Police attempted to arrest him, but he pulled his arms away from the officers.

Eventually, officers handcuffed Naughton, but he refused to walk or stand, so the officers had to carry him into the booking area, police said.

Naughton was later released on his own recognizance. He is to return to court June 10 for a pretrial hearing, said Suffolk district attorney’s spokesman Jake Wark.

The man has been dubbed as “America’s Dumbest Criminal”, media reports said.

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