Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Wake Up Call For BMC

A great relief for people of Mumbai as they were looking at the sky to bring rain for the last 10 days and it came at a right time.  The water level in dams was coming to below 10% level and now we have some relieve as monsoon has set in. The temperature in the city has come down drastically and can bank upon this rain to give us enough water for the rest of the year. However, as in the past, the motorists had a hell of time driving though pool of water in the city.  Despite all the promises for rain preparedness BMC fail to address the problem as announced. With train blockages and delay, the commuters suffered enough and the situation has not improved much after the 2005 deluge.  It is time for BMC to bug up and take remedial measures before the situation goes out of hand during continuous rains.  It is indeed a wake-up call for BMC.

Nickil Krishnan

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