Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Wet Sunday more woes

Despite BMCs tall claims of rain readiness we have seen water logging at focal points. Heavy rains inundating low lying areas and blocking vehicular traffic creating utter chaos on the roads of Mumbai. To add salt to the wound, presence of pot holes spreading throughout the breadth and width of the Mumbai roads and in highways and other roads kept the road users on tender hooks. The subways suffer most with poor lighting arrangement and the roads inside shows potholes and craters creating a fear among road users. It is customary that water logging in streets followed by traffic snarls, train delays and tree falls all made the matter worse. Fortunately for commuters and road users it was a Sunday and Monday blues will cause them more discomfiture.  Lethargy of BMC workers was clearly visible and no one cares for public miseries. Now it is up to the people to carry out certain precautions while venturing out during rains so as to avoid any mishaps and may find ways and means to help others as well. Helping each other at the time of floods is an amicable solution to the pressing problem faced by the people of Mumbai.

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