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Women prone to depression

Studies shows that around 87 per cent of Indian women claim feeling stressed most of the time, with an additional 82 per cent asserting they had insufficient time to relax. It turns out that in general women cope with stress differently than men. When women are stressed, they seek emotional support from family and friends. It is rightly said that “With more and more nuclear families, women of the house have to balance home and career.” Women are socialized to be the caretakers of others. More women than men have both a career outside the home and continue to try to juggle traditional responsibilities after hours. Over 70% of married women with children under the age of 18 are employed outside the home. Women find it harder to say “NO” to others’ requests and often feel guilty if they can’t please everyone. They often spend less time nurturing their own emotional and physical needs, as that might be perceived as selfish. In addition, relationship alterations or the loss of loved ones can produce empty nest or other separation syndromes in their lives. Today, we can describe women as struggling to achieve the “male standard” at work, while trying to maintain the perfect wife and mother standards at home. The only way to manage stress is to challenge the negative thinking with positive statements and realistic thinking.

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