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What is wrong with Bombay High Court Judges?

The Bombay High Court voiced discontent over journalists covering court proceedings attired in jeans and T-shirts, asking if it was “Bombay culture.” This news is really surprising for me. The Bench, on seeing a journalist from a national newspaper wearing jeans and T-shirt, wanted to know if there was any dress code for them.We have enormous problems with the number of pending cases, not to mention corruption, incompetence, etc. and the Hon’ble Judge is worried about dress code. They should fix the gaping holes and then can worry about minor cracks.

What is wrong with Bombay High Court Judges or for that matter, the so called elite in Indian bureaucracy? Is the journalist coming for a marriage or a fashion parade? Was he naked? Australia’s ex-PM Tony Abbott came in his shorts, after a run, to vote on bill two days ago in the lower house of Australian parliament. According to India’s sensitivities on dress code, he must be arrested or sent back till he comes “properly” dressed. India is becoming a prude champion.

Zoya Pandit

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