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Youth should not fall prey to cyber-crimes – Part II


By just gluing to the laptop or mobile, youngsters spoil their eyesight and make their lives miserable with black circle forming round the eyes. It is indeed a matter of great concern and thus we as parents should desist the youngsters from falling prey to this bad habit. While driving or even travelling through trains and walking young boys and girls use the head phone and in the deaf ears they could not expect impending danger through the sound of the vehicle/train. Thus the writing is on the wall it is better from overdoing anything that will spell doom in the end. By applying to technology one should not fall victim of a cyber-crime and see that such evil mind will not catch their minds as well. One should remember that breaking the law online is an offence and punishable.

The major flaw in the present system is the way youngsters are given freehand to move in isolation or in a group thereby they develop a bad character and that lead to all the troubles. The mind of the youngsters become corrupt and they look for money to lead a high five living. They are not able to mingle with a group with a good background and fall into the trap of bad elements. Hindi cine world make them more aggressive and that mind is well and truly developed from a very young age. Teenagers waylaid are not scared to commit rape in open as they are shameless in their acts and did not foresee the impending repercussions.

Nowadays children kidnap for ransom and that includes kidnapping their own brothers to achieve their aim of making easy money. Teachers are friend, philosopher and guide for the children. But if they behave in an indecent way, then what we can expect from the children, who follow him to the core. Preventing the youngsters from the follies of social life is not an easy thing. The mind should be developed in such a way to face any eventuality and the will to go on the right path. By doing so one can get a clean mind and that will again lead to happiness. The hurdle of passing through a youngster’s life have many obstacles but it is up to the person to make a decent living rather entering into unwanted offences and thereby bringing insult to the family and the institution you study or work. Parental care is of utmost importance to guide them to achieve a religious mind and that gives the additional protection when one encounters such ticklish situation. All are not born criminals. So the right approach and the right mix of friendship prevent you from becoming perpetrators of such heinous crimes. One should not be carried away by infatuation. Internet is really interesting if it is made use for worthwhile purposes.

It is easy to apply for Internet banking. All the new generation banks, major nationalized banks, and some private banks provide online banking. The registration process might differ slightly between banks, but overall it is quite the same. You can read the terms and condition by visiting the websites of these banks. New generation banks provide online registration for net banking for their account holders. For others, you can download the registration form from their websites. You have to fill the forms correctly and hand it over to the bank along with the required documents.

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