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A Man on Mission to create Emotional Wellness in Society

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Vivek Mantri

Vivek Mantri, an Electronics Engineer with 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, has now turned into a professional Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach from American Union of NLP. He is also a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner from Global Science Foundation, USA. He has completed his Master Practitioner Course under Ram Verma’s guidance in India. Our Editor-in-Chief Vaidehi Taman spoke to him about his journey.


What has motivated you to be a motivational speaker and guide to many?

In December 2013, I underwent a major Atlantoaxial Surgery (ATA Fixation) as my C1 C2 C3 was badly damaged. The external bone grafting was done and was fixed with four screws, two rods, and two clamps. Before the surgery, my doctor instilled a thought in my mind. He said that I will be walking back in three days after the surgery. That became my belief and I could walk back on my feet on the 3rd day. As I am practicing Law of Attraction for the past few years, it helped me to come across a few free tools of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which helped me to stand back at a faster pace. I started using NLP on myself and in the span of three months, I resumed my duties and was travelling across India. This made me realise the amazing power of NLP. It motivated me to enable people and I equipped myself with Various Tools of NLP while I was working and conducted few workshops which gave amazing results to the participants. These results motivated me to take a giant leap in my Career. With strong support from my Wife, I decided to quit the Job and get into the mainstream of Coaching and Counselling.

That million dollar Smile, which a person gives me after the session, always motivates me for new horizons to achieve.


Do you have an interest in pursuing research or have you been involved in research in the past?

I am working with various tools like Law of Attraction, NLP, and Astrology. These have always helped me understand the human minds and its emotions. I have many success stories in the past 25 years of my work on Astrology. I could enable people to transform their belief system and see the miracles in their lives. I am working towards my goal to achieve excellence in the field of NLP. Being in touch with the best of International and National Experts in this domain, I get updated about new developments regularly. It’s always a new learning experience for me when I meet people during sessions.


What are the challenges in this practice?

The biggest challenge in NLP is still considered as Pseudoscience and is still not widely accepted in India; way back it has been accepted in the foreign countries. We, the trainers in India, are putting all efforts to educate people through various means. Seminars, Workshops, Online events, etc. are helping us in educating people. To take a step ahead, I conduct workshops for Doctors, Surgeons, and Physiotherapists which are being widely accepted by them.

During our sessions whenever we meet clients, most of the times, even before we start with our NLP techniques, the biggest roadblock happens to be their mindset. “It’s not possible! Ye Kaise Hoga!!” Their conscious mind always refrains them from accepting the changes. I start working on those negative beliefs, bring them to start the session and help them to achieve the desired results. NLP can be effectively used in various domains of life and profession.


How do you train the minds? 

Mind Power has always been the base as well as the pillar in the ancient Indian teachings. Sankhya Yoga is the biggest example which teaches the basics of improving one’s life and thereby discovering the true reality by discovering oneself. As Sadhguru says, the Indian spiritual practices are so systematic that they were intellectually and magnificently presented over thousands of years that they sharpened the mind and body in a certain way. Over the period of time, with the invasion of Western Culture, we have forgotten our tools. Unfortunately, the Western Countries did reverse engineering on our techniques and we started following them as the scientific base considering our Science as baseless superstitions.

Every human being has tremendous power hidden inside, which generally remains untapped due to various factors. To awaken that dormant power, NLP, Law of Attraction, and a few other techniques are very effective tools, and their roots can be easily found in our Indian culture. These tools define how to set a particular pattern to reimprint new beliefs. In our Workshops, I enable people with these tools which incorporate Visualisations, Removal of Painful Memories, Creating Resourceful State, Changing Emotional State of Mind in a few seconds, and lot more. All these tools when practiced properly for a minimum of 21 days, enable a person to start seeing amazing results in life.


How do you canalise a person to be innovative and help him to make important decisions in life?

As mentioned above, during our Workshop when we work with a person, they don’t have to share their past painful memories or some painful incidents which they might have undergone. We work on their Timeline and help them to overcome the intensity of these events.

Every Information which gets inside our brain is in form of five senses — Visual (Seeing), Audio (Listening), Kinaesthetic (Feel), Olfactory (Smell), Gustatory (Taste), out of which VAK (Visual, Audio, and Kinaesthetic) play a very important role. In NLP, we have very simple techniques that can enable a person to reprogram his belief system and take charge of their VAK. We help to create a state of Confidence in the person helping him to visualise the positive outcome of the decision they want to take.


How does an emotion work and how should one canalise it for their betterment?

Science and Epigenetics have proved that Emotions form the Base of a Life — a human being is the combination of Body, Mind, and Soul, all in one. When a person visits a physician, the success of the Treatment depends on the Trust of the patient which he has towards that Doctor and not the Medicine prescribed.  Emotions have a strong Impact on Immunity, they can define the degree of Infection. This later can start showing outcome as sign and symptoms of the disease which human body experiences. It is a proven fact that even a certain type of Cancers affecting mankind are caused by the Manifestation of Suppressed Emotions.

Emotions can always be controlled and shifted towards positivity with simple techniques — I would like to share one with the Readers. This Technique works like ON/OFF Switch to shift the state of Mind — sitting in an ideal position, touch your Ring Finger and Thumb. The moment you touch it, think about any happiest moment of your life, it can be anything. Visualise that moment for two minutes and live that moment. Open your Eyes and see the shift in emotions. Once you practice this exercise 8-10 times a day for 21 days, it works Miracles. Anyone can shift their state of mind immediately and get into the positive mindset.


Suppose, someone has the goal to become the PM of the country, what path do you suggest them or how will you motivate a person to achieve their dreams?

Oh Wow! The most interesting question and one of the biggest examples of HUGG (Huge Unbelievably Great Goals). This can always be considered as a Long Term Goal with a Definite Action Plan. A Big Goal has to be chunked down into Smaller Goals which will be part of the action plan. One has to decide the Timeline for every Smaller Goal and analyse whether they are on the Right Track or need to make changes in their strategy or need to Change the Track.

Motivation comes when a person defines multiple Whys — like why they want to achieve the Goal. Once Whys are decided, the Action Plan on How can be jotted down.

These multiple Whys for reaching the goal give an inner motivation to a person to become Self-Driven. I can cite a simple example — suppose, your distant relative has called you, you may not go keeping aside your chores. Now, if the same relative is in life and death situation, here you have a Valid WHY for meeting that person. Now, you will find all the various possibilities as HOW to reach him/her. So, whether it is to be the Prime Minister or any other achievement in life, there have to be multiple Whys on personal and professional levels as what difference will it make in your life. Once it’s defined, the Action Plan can be worked out for HOW to achieve it.


What are the Symptoms of mental illness and how can that be cured?

Mental illness is a very broad term which has to be analysed and decided by a Clinical Expert in Psychiatric Field. One has to understand what exactly a person is going through before labelling that person as mentally ill. There are situations where a person needs Moral Support or Emotional Wellness after certain Traumas. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can make a person behave in a weird way at times or might make a person feel depressed. Simple NLP Techniques can help a person to overcome PTSD, if applied properly.


Can you share your success story or a 100 per cent result-achieving experience?

Recently, I had launched a campaign on Facebook, MEND Your Heart after a few series of tragic incidents happened in terms of Suicidal Tendencies. The purpose of this campaign was to help people release their painful memories without even revealing them. People have given their feedbacks on my Facebook page about it. Certain NLP Techniques were used to help a person to be free from suppressed emotions and live life happily. I would like to share another incident — keeping the privacy intact, with NLP Techniques along with ongoing medical treatment, a person has seen amazing results and is living a happier life. Shifting emotions create Miracles.


One awkward moment you came across in your motivational sessions?

Every new change is always faced with resilience which has to be tackled by the Trainer or Motivational Speaker. We are working with Human being and hence, the Resilience is seen at initial stages, the way their mind is programmed. I consider this as an opportunity instead of looking towards it as an awkward moment and enable the person to understand the new pattern of change which can help him to add value to his life.


What is your message to our readers?

“Put Your Own Mask First” is the message and fortunately, this is the title of my book which was published a few months back. Once you Board the Flight, the Air Hostess always gives instructions that under panicky situations, before helping other fellow passengers, please wear your own Mask first. Which means that You are important, Your Existence is important for Your family, and for the society you live in. So, please do take care of your health.

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