Monday, June 21, 2021
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A record breaking effort

We have come across Vishwanathan Anand playing rapid chess with so many players to prune up his talent as an International player in the past.  In the space, India has launched a rocket which set up 20 satellites in orbit in a record 26 minutes which really faster than the rapid chess, Indian maestro Vishwanathan Anand displayed in his illustrious career.  The business of putting commercial satellites in orbit for a fee is mushrooming. Demands for high quality mobile networks and hi-speed Internet with each passing day are seeking companies to put in place high tech communication architecture on the cards. This is indeed a National record as the move grabbed larger slice of the lucrative commercial space market and it is a great achievement as well. Twenty satellites in a go are really wonderful and the scientists deserve all credit for this monumental accomplishment. It is notable that, we have the current generation of earth observation satellite of cartosat 2 series and it is a big news. It is one more feather in ISRO’s cap.

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