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AAP’s historic win in Delhi

The broom sweeps the BJP away – Clean, Swatch Sweep of the BJP? What a fantastic performance by the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi? The Delhi voters have given resounding victory to Arvind Kejriwal and his team to that extent that the BJP could not even touch the double figures. So pathetic! As an ex-AAP member, I am now happy of course. As no one expected that it will be a clean sweep. And that a new party like AAP (yes…it ‘s still in the infant stage), could beat a mighty party like the BJP….even with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah at the helm of the affairs when the party was trouncing the Congress and other ruling parties in the states. Kejriwal has now got clear mandate and he will have his own say in the administration. If you sweeped polls in Delhi it is equivalent to winning 2 to 3 major states of India. AAP fought on the plank of eradicating corruption. In the last 49 days rule the party had initiated certain positive measures to control corruption in Delhi Municipal Corporation, the police and so on.

The BJP has been shown the place–as there were certain cronies who were into tarnishing the image of the PM and the party by indulging in religious fanaticism. However, though Kejriwal and his party workers can certainly rejoice and celebrate this extraordinary thumbing victory over the ruling BJP at the centre, he has to prove his real mettle and keep his activists too under control. Kejriwal should now use his IAS experience and knowledge and the “People power” to curb corruption and provide an able administration. He set a good example to the politicians on how people’s welfare can be taken care of and how the real Ram Rajya can be administered. Less said about the BJP’s performance the better. I feel the saffron party lost its glory when it inducted Kiran Bedi to keep a check on Arvind Kejriwal.

Some of the conclusions do point at the arrogance of power, firing of secretaries and senior bureaucrats etc. by the BJP government. To this list we must also add popular resistance of the Delhi public to punctuality, good and accountable work ethics, paying for services like bijli, sadak, paani and also paying income and corporate taxes. Obviously, the Delhi public love the idea of good governance and freebies. Have the cake and eat it too! And they have reposed their faith and high hopes on Kejriwal to get everything either free or at a very low price! Kejriwal should take these aspects into consideration if he wants to run an effective government and not make the Delhi government coffers empty!

All said and done, right time for the BJP administration to do some introspection and reconciliation and take extreme corrective measures if it wants to regain its winning track and win Bihar election. Is Congress still surviving? By the way where are those experts, investigators and observers and the so called specialists of the exit polls? All of them were nowhere near the actual results which we have now seen. None of them predicted a landslide victory for AAP nor gave a low figure for the BJP. High time exit polls and results are banned in the future.


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