Friday, August 6, 2021
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Abdul Kalam and Bhagwad Gita

The controversy generated because of keeping the Bhagwad Gita near the statue of Ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam is unfortunate. Now-a-days any incident can lead to controversy. The social fabric of the country has become extremely sensitive. The memorial built with the expense of 15 crores should give a message of Abdul Kalam’s service to the nation. Peace and conflict are opposite views. Kalam is well known as the missile man always followed the path of peace and tranquillity. Please do not entangle this man who devoted his life to the service of the nation in any controversy. He had expressed his desire that the Gita should be taught in school in many of his talks. He had a special liking for Bhagwad Gita. He was never questioned about this when he mentioned this point in his lectures. If they had asked him then, they would have been answered. Gita is the main religious book. It is necessary that our perception about religion should grow in an appropriate direction, such that it is good for the nation.

Arpita Pathak

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