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Achche din for florists

Florists are laughing all the way to bank after the appointment of Ram Naik as the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

lead-flowerEver since former Union Minister and BJP stalwart Ram Naik was appointed as the Governor of Uttar Pradesh florists are doing brisk business. Well wishers of Naik have been making a beeline at his office in Goregaon to greet him by presenting flower bouquets. There has been surge in demand for bouquets and garlands which has bought smiles on the faces of florists. Most of the florist’s are hailing from north India and they are pleased that a politician from Maharashtra has become the first citizen of their state.

In the past, MNS supremo Raj Thackeray had criticized the hawkers belonging to north Indian states for migrating to Mumbai for running their business thereby creating a hindrance to local residents for earning their livelihood. Florists business will continue to flourish until Ram Naik stays in the city as more well wishers will visit his office to greet him.

Kishor Kushwaha, a florist from Goregoan said, “Since last few days my business has been growing rapidly. Several well wishers of Ram Naik had purchased bouquet from my stall for greeting the newly appointed Governor Ram Naik. Thus my turnover has increased within a few days.”

Another florist Lalchand Singh said, “Normally some bouquets would remain unsold at the end of the day. However, since last few days there has been a surge in demand for bouquets and the stock gets exhausted quickly.”

When AV spoke to Ram Naik he said, “Well wisher’s are visiting my office to greet me and I can’t refuse to accept their bouquets. It’s good to know that the business of florists have flourished every since I have become the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.”

North Indians residing in Mumbai are pleased with Ram Naik’s appointment as the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

Yudhistir Pandey, a Malad resident said, “I am happy that a politician from Mumbai has become the governor of my native state. Ram Naik has worked hard for the welfare of Mumbaikars and he will do outstanding job in Uttar Pradesh too.”

When asked whether residents of UP will accept a leader hailing from Maharashtra state he replied, “If I am Rambhau here I will be Ram bhaiya there. Very few people are aware that Gaga Bhatt, who hails from Kashi, was specially called on the insistence of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for performing his coronation”, Ram Naik said.

Shri Ram Naik who represented North Mumbai Lok Sabha constituency from Maharashtra as a BJP MP has a track record of getting elected successively for five terms. Earlier he got elected as an MLA for three consecutive terms from Borivali Assembly Constituency, which was a part of his Parliamentary constituency. He created a new record of getting elected successively eight times from Mumbai.

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