Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Action taken is insult to the prestige of Pakistan!

The Pakistan Prime Minister, who was visiting USA to meet his ailing sister, living in America; was treated like any other private person when he was asked to strip for checking at the airport. From this we can understand, what is the stand of Pakistan with the American Government! Pakistan has been openly insulted. Even if the explanation given is that this is the treatment meted out to the general public, still the action done to the Prime Minister of the Country will indicate what will be the relation of America with the nation. It is a very adroit move by America to alert Pakistan of what is to come in the future. What action America will take is matter in the distant future, but whom or where can Pakistan voice its grievance of the humiliation it has suffered now? What a disgrace that this humiliation has been the result of the fact that Pakistan gave safe haven to terrorists in its land? And this is the way all the Pakistanis will be treated is the message America has given, by meting out this treatment to its Prime Minister. Hence, it is of no use to crib about it as they have been side-lined by the world for giving safe haven to terrorist and this will continue. And even if its prominent leaders are humiliated Pakistan will not change its policy of appeasing terrorists. Then America will have to corner it from all sides. This action of America will give China great happiness as Pakistan has been feeding of both these two countries and this is helplessness at its utmost level. From this we can say that a helpless person has no respect.

Jayesh Rane

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