Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Adopt zero-tolerance policy against terror

Narendra Modi is talking tough on terrorists infiltrating into India and causing extensive damage to human lives and property. The global terrorism has assumed a greater significance and we wish to tackle fire with fire as per our PM. Stringent measures have to be taken to make sure that the infiltration is to be stopped through our borders and it is time to attack enemy at the opportune moment instead of merely opposing them for the sake of doing so. The battle lines are clearly drawn. Instead of just going down meekly it is time to give it back to them so that the future attacks in Indian base will give the enemy a torrid time, then they will try to retract rather than proceeding further and cause extensive damage by infiltrating further into our territory. Both Modi and the Home Minister are hitting out Pakistan approach and the same momentum is to be maintained as the neighbouring country is in political turmoil and we may have to face influx of refugees coming to India in case of a Civil War there. It is time to fight out one stop shop of terror and to have meaningful dialogue if we plan to put an end to the ethnic fight in the sub-continent.

Anandambal Subbu

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